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Get CPD Accredited with CDP Quality Certification and join the ranks of top professionals!

Being a CPD Quality Certification (CPDQC) accredited is a great way to position yourself as a leader. CPD QC accreditation prioritise the quality on any activity. Quality is our number one priority.


CPD Quality Certification has a team composed of a myriad of industry experts. They replicate the learner’s journey, mapping course material from start to finish.


Once the Accreditation and Compliance team has reviewed your activities against the criteria, they will provide feedback on what works well and what you can improve. We won’t award CPDs until we’re satisfied that you’ve met all of the standards to get the CPD accredited status, allowing you to make your activity excel.


The CPD Certification takes into account all students. Because of this, accessibility is a crucial component of the framework and is taken into account when evaluating the learning activities.

We look at your work from all aspects, taking into account the content, delivery, evaluation, and more.

Activity’s Trainer Qualification/ Training expertise is verified  so students can be assured that they are getting the best.

The most significant aspect of our accreditation period is the relevance of activity’s content and quality of the content. An activity will be rejected if quality is not up to mark.


Our basic belief is that learning is a lifelong process that all in the workforce should be accommodated and encouraged. Regardless of the circumstances or location, every forward-thinking person or organization should have access to accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD). We believe in allowing them to grow using the tools, skills, and knowledge we are so generously able to supply. All activities adhere to the latest methodologies and utilise the best available technology. Consequently, every student can be confident that they will have a pleasant and fulfilling experience. The quality of our accredited courses, seminars and all our other endeavours is ensured to be at the highest level and of the highest standard that we require.