CPDQC – CPD Quality Certification


CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development

CPD is skills-based learning. CPD helps you advance in your profession by enhancing your skills in a particular field. CPD encourages the training and development of vocational skills.

No, CPD is not a Qualification. The CPD Certificate is not a qualification unlike the GCSEs which are government regulated (ofqual).

The CPD Accreditation UK is an independent accreditation organisation that accredits online courses and training. CPD has always been committed to improving both personal and professional abilities across a variety of job pathways.

The number of hours spent learning on a CPD recognised course is equivalent to CPD Points. CPD is required for all caregivers and healthcare professionals, including nurses. A CPD-certified course allows you to use those points toward the total required by your industry’s governing or regulating body.

Other credentials, such as NVQs and GCSEs, cannot be compared to CPD. CPD is an authorised training course that is assessed against the number of hours you spend executing a specific learning activity, unlike other certificates that require you to study for hours across various learning modules.

CPD keeps you current on the knowledge and skills you’ll need to offer a professional service to your customers, clients, and the general public. CPD keeps you and your expertise up to date and relevant at all times.

To put it simply, One hour of active learning equals one CPD point. That is, for every hour of CPD activity, you will receive one CPD point.

CPD course that has been accredited has met the required requirements and standards for Continuing Professional Development.